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Why You Should Rent Your San Diego Home if You Can’t Sell it - Article Banner
Have you been trying to sell your San Diego home, but the market is not cooperating?

This is a common frustration for owners who are moving out of the area or transitioning into a home that better fits their lifestyle. Everyone wants instant offers on their homes, especially after spending time to prepare it for the sales market.

Sometimes there’s just too much competition on the market. Sellers today could also be facing a less-than-enthusiastic pool of potential homebuyers in strange economic times. Or, it could simply be a matter of not earning the price you want on your property.

Instead of leaving the home empty or delaying your own plans for moving on, why not rent it out?

Rent Until the San Diego Real Estate Market Improves

Instead of waiting to sell, we can help you take control of the situation and earn some income while you bide your time. We can help you find and place some great tenants, so that at least you’re earning rental income and defraying maintenance and utility costs.

When you rent out a property, you can earn money on your asset right now, and over time that home will also continue to appreciate in value. You’ll build more equity. When the market is a bit stronger in a year or two or even five years, you’ll be able to sell for what you want and make more money on the sale.

Renting Retains an Asset in an Expensive Market

The housing market in San Diego is always competitive, with prices rising every year. By renting out your home when it doesn’t sell right away, you’re able to keep a valuable asset that’s only going to grow more valuable.

We work with a lot of owners who leave the state for a new job, for school, or for another opportunity or responsibility. If you want to return to San Diego in a few years, you might find that you’re completely priced out of the real estate market. It could require a lot more capital to buy a home here later on. But, if you’re renting out the home you already own, you’ll still have that investment here. You can sell it in order to buy something else or you can move back into it.

Renting out the property gives you these options.

Professional San Diego Property Management

If you’ve never been a landlord before, you may have some hesitation about renting out a property. You know you’ll have to find tenants, screen applications, and handle questions about leases and security deposits. Laws and regulations have recently become even stricter for landlords.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a full-time landlord if you don’t want to be. Professional property managers are able to protect your home and deliver peace of mind. A good management company will help you prepare the property for the rental market, advertise it to potential renters, and screen applicants thoroughly to ensure you’re placing someone who will pay rent on time and take care of your home almost as if it were their own.

tenantOnce a tenant is placed, your property manager will collect rent and deposit those funds into your account electronically. There will be regular maintenance performed, emergencies responded to, and a careful tracking of income and expenses. You’ll be able to view all statements, invoices, inspection reports, and have timely communications with your manager.

If you’re having trouble selling your home, we invite you to contact us at San Diego Residential Property Management. We’d be happy to talk through all your options and provide you with important information that will assist you in arriving at an informed decision.