Frequently Asked Questions from Tenants

Q: Do you accept Section 8 vouchers or other assistance programs?
Q: Do you require renters insurance?
Q: I have credit issues. Can I still qualify as a renter?
Q: What is your pet policy?
Q: Where are your rental homes located? What areas do you cover?
Q: When is rent due? When is my rent late?
Q: Can I pay my rent in person?
Q: If I have an emergency maintenance problem, how do I get in touch with someone?
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
Q: How do I find out about a home I found online?
Q: Can I view the home by myself that I’ve driven by?
Q: What guidelines do I need to meet in order to apply for a home? What documentation should I have ready to start the application process?
Q: My child is 20 years old and will be living with us. Does he/she need to apply as well?
Q: How long does it take to find out if I am approved?
Q: Once approved and the security deposit is paid, when can I pick up the keys to the property?
Q: How much of a security deposit do you require on your homes?
Q: What type of homes do you manage?
Q: Am I responsible for lawn care?
Q: Can I paint the interior of the home I rent?
Q: If I have maintenance issues, can I call a repairman and deduct the cost from my rent?
Q: How much notice do I need to give when I am vacating the home?
Q: How do I handle my move-out?
Q: Do I have to be present for my move-out appointment?
Q: How am I expected to leave the home?
Q: When can I turn off my utilities?
Q: How do I find out the color if I need to paint?
Q: Can I clean my carpets with a machine from the grocery or home improvement store?
Q: When can I expect to receive my security deposit back after I move? Will I receive a full refund of my deposit?
Q: I just received my move-out report and I need to pay money that is owed. What do I do?