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Energy Solutions from SDG&E


With the cost of electricity and gas on the rise, it is a good idea to know what our energy provider (SDG&E) is doing to provide us as consumers with a way to effectively address the situation. Following are some energy related items that should help you in your planning and in reducing both your energy costs as well as …

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6 Ways To Get Organized For The New Year!

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Many folks use the New Year as a “jump start” for a lot of activities that they have been putting off throughout the prior year. If you’re like most of us, we always have the best intentions, then “life happens” and we never get to those things that we have wanted to get done. Well, let’s encourage each other in …

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The El Niño


  With El Niño storms estimated to be their strongest in years, we are providing this “need-to-know” information for our valued clients and residents. Global warming and climate change is something we’ve all been hearing about for quite some time. However, living here in the San Diego region of southern California also brings with it long-time evidence of a weather …

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Household Hazardous Materials


Many common products kept in and around most homes contain hazardous materials, such as heavy metals or chemicals that are known to be toxic, corrosive or flammable. Storing and disposing of these potentially harmful substances is an important responsibility for all San Diego area home owners and rental tenants. As a socially responsible San Diego Property Management firm, San Diego …

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