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Why Successful Landlords Hire a Project Manager - Article Banner

You own San Diego investment property. What do you expect from your property manager? 

Most investors expect expert leasing, management, and maintenance. 

Sometimes, an investment property requires a major renovation. Maybe you’re buying a property that requires a lot of work in order to take it from distressed to ready for the rental market. 

In such cases, you’ll have expectations that are similar to what construction project managers do for their clients and buildings every day. Both project managers and property managers are expected to plan and execute specific tasks to reach the established goals of their clients.  

Often, landlords and property owners will be satisfied with the general scope of services provided by San Diego property managers. Sometimes, more is needed.  A project management mentality is valuable for those investors who have specific plans for their property. 

The value provided by a property manager with project or construction management experience is hard to match. You can expect expertise with budgeting, decision-making, and transparency. 

Here’s why successful landlords will hire a project manager when they need intensive help with their rental property. 

Property Management, Project Management, and Problem Solving

Most project managers will tell you that there is no such thing as a perfect project. No matter how well-planned your efforts are, there’s bound to be a hitch or an unexpected issue. 

An experienced project manager knows how to deal with unexpected issues professionally and without fear. A property manager who can adapt and resolve issues provides property owners and investors with peace of mind. Quick decision-making is required and because project managers are driven by deadlines and time management, issues will be resolved quickly, and problems will be solved creatively.

This is an important skill when it comes to project management at your rental property. You need someone who can think quickly and solve problems creatively. An experienced property and project manager will have seen and solved similar problems before. They’re flexible and adaptable and willing to shift course if the conditions of your project require it.

Investing in Communication and Transparency

Project managers are great facilitators when it comes to conveying information. They’re required to not only share information but also to translate and interpret information, so the right stakeholders understand what they need to know and do. 

The ability to communicate responsively and openly will be incredibly valuable in a property manager who must be available and accountable to owners, tenants, vendors, and other community partners. 

A great project manager understands the needs of the landlords they’re working with. Understanding communication and the need for transparency and accountability is a big part of managing homes in San Diego. 

A professional partner that does not communicate cannot bring you much value. When you work with a project manager, you know that you’re partnering with a professional who understands relationship businesses like yours.

Managing Projects and Sub-Contractors

When you own rental property, you will likely have capital projects and improvements, whether it’s a new roof or interior renovations before a new tenant moves in. When your property manager has previous experience managing similar projects, you can expect an efficient process that costs less and yields better results. 

Project managers can be expected to set the scope of the work that you need done, estimate the costs, and deliver the actionable items by the deadlines that have been set. 

Hiring subcontractors isn’t always easy for landlords, especially now, when costs are rising, and good vendors are increasingly difficult to find. 

Because project managers must oversee multiple subcontractors at one time in order to accomplish a task or goal, they have the skills needed to find the appropriate experts and then coordinate workflow between vendors. Systems and procedures are immediately created to ensure deadlines are met. Project managers understand the importance of gathering the right partners to get the job done correctly, on time and under budget. 

Leadership is essential to both project and property management. It takes your project to a collaborative phase and helps property owners by creating a vast network to serve the needs of their properties.  

A project manager taking care of your rental homes will provide unique and thorough financial management. There’s a deep attention to budget constraints and boundaries. 

We have never worked with an owner or landlord who enjoys spending more than they should. Property managers need to identify and adopt cost-efficient procedures and action plans. Reducing costs will increase your return on investment, and that’s what investors and landlords are looking for. When you hire a project manager, the expectation is that the budget will be respected, and the financial resources will be available. 

Property managers with project management experience are especially good at this. You’ll want to save money without sacrificing quality.

Property managers consistently perform cost to benefit analyses for financial decision-making. Most project managers treat projects as their own, and they’ll take actions that provide the best quality and functionality at the property.  

Project Management and Property Management Roles

Property ManagerProperty managers in San Diego have to fulfill a lot of roles. They’re the owner’s representative, the second set of eyes on a potential investment property, the real estate experts, and the finance manager. We’re also ensuring the residents in your property are having a good experience. We’re protecting the condition of your investment and helping you maximize what you earn on it. 

You’re looking for a property manager who has the experience and skills to keep the property running at its best on a daily basis. Periodic inspections are needed to monitor the performance of the building and its tenants. You need a property manager who can communicate, manage projects, and ensure financial stability. 

Working with a top-of-the-line property management company like San Diego Residential Property Management will lead to a better and more profitable investment experience. We pride ourselves on delivering better outcomes because of our project management skills and financial management experience. 

If you’d like to hear more about how we can manage special projects or bring our project management experience to the ongoing management and leasing of your rental property, please contact us at San Diego Residential Property Management.