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Preventative Maintenance Guide on How to Avoid Costly Repairs in San Diego - Banner

All rental property owners understand that they’ll need to respond to any routine repair requests that tenants make during the lease period. It’s also important to prepare for repairs and updates during turnover periods between residents. 

Emergencies are a part of every landlord’s life as well. There’s always the threat that a water heater will start leaking overnight, and you’ll get a panicked call from your residents. 

Something that many investors forget to consider, however, is preventative maintenance. It’s even more important than your routine and emergency repairs because it protects the condition and value of your investment. A good preventative maintenance plan will also save you money. There will be fewer surprises and emergency calls for help. 

Here are some of the things to include in your preventative maintenance plan.

Check for Safety Issues

Safety is always going to be your most important issue when it comes to maintaining your home. Make it a habit to check for working smoke detectors. Make sure every hand rail is sturdy and look for cracks or problems outside on stairs, patios, or driveways. You want to make sure your rental home can withstand disasters like earthquakes and extreme rain. Work with licensed professionals to keep your home in good shape. This is the best way to protect yourself and your tenants. 

Make sure you’re prepared for any intense weather. In southern California, we can expect droughts and fires, as well as periods of intense rain and wind. Weather is always unpredictable, so be prepared.

Always Look for Leaks and Water Issues

San Diego’s rental market includes a lot of coastal areas. Floods are rare, but water can quickly destroy your rental property. Water can cause more damage to your property than anything else. During preventative maintenance inspections, make sure you’re checking for leaks. Look under sinks and check ceilings and walls for discoloration or dampness. Leaks or moisture that go unattended could lead to mold and rot. 

Make sure there’s plenty of ventilation in your home and that your insulation is working properly. Check any irrigation systems as well.

Check the Landscaping and Trees

If your property is surrounded by trees, there’s a danger that the branches will get too close to power lines. They can also fall onto your roof and cause problems with pests. It’s a good idea to hire professionals to trim back the branches on a regular basis so they don’t interfere with the wires or with your property’s roof. 

Overgrown bushes in front of the house can also block windows, causing a security issue. Keep all outdoor spaces free of weeds, branches, and debris. Check the exterior lighting frequently and make sure the locks and alarm systems work. 

Service Your Heating and Cooling Units

toolsAir conditioning in San Diego is a requirement, even with our delightful sea breezes. Have your cooling unit inspected annually. Get a technician to visit the home at least once a year to make sure everything is working properly. You don’t want any coils rusting or systems getting clogged. Have the entire system inspected, cleaned, and maintained regularly. 

There’s a lot you can do to maintain your home, and preventative maintenance is an important way to save money and increase the value of your investment. If you have any questions about maintenance or San Diego property management, please contact our team at San Diego Residential Property Management.