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Once again, on behalf of the team at SDRPM, we hope that this finds you and your family managing successfully through this ever-changing environment that we’re all a part of!  Beaches are opened and then quickly closed…. Timelines are announced and then quickly altered….. as the saying goes, “the only thing that is constant is change”!

As promised, I have asked my good friend, business attorney and client, Jim Roth to join me for a legal Q&A session via Zoom to share the below video with you all. Jim is a practicing lawyer, has a wealth of knowledge and is a fantastic source of information on all things legal…. Well, maybe not ALL things, but let’s say MANY things legal! The topics that we cover in this segment are VERY timely as today is May 1 and rent is due!

My hope is that you find the information in this video useful and that it provides you with answers to questions you may have.  If you have additional questions or desire to follow up with Jim directly, please feel free to email him at JRoth@TheRothLawFirm.com, or you can also reach me directly at Bob@SanDiegoRPM.com and at 858-485-6565.