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San Diego Property Managers Guide to Streamline the Tenant Move-in/Move-Out Process - Article Banner

The move-in and the move-out process can be stressful for both landlords and tenants, which is why it’s so important to have a streamlined process in place that’s consistent and easy to follow. With an efficient, responsive procedure in place, there’s an excellent opportunity to establish and maintain a positive and professional relationship with new residents.

A few of the processes we have in place at San Diego Residential Property Management are likely to help.

Move-In Priority: A Clean and Functional Home

Before a tenant moves in, owners need to conduct a thorough inspection to look for any work that needs to be done. Tenants will not want to move in and discover that the refrigerator is not working or the toilets are not flushing. Everything must be tested, including faucets and tubs and appliances and lights. We recommend running the air conditioning and the heat. Check under sinks for leaks or moisture. Hire professional cleaners and put together a detailed inspection report.

When tenants have moved in, they should be provided with an opportunity to inspect the home and make notes on that inspection report. This will give them the opportunity to note anything that is not right and notify the owner about any trouble that needs to be addressed.

Review the Rules, Responsibilities, and Expectations in Lease Agreements

Tenants need to feel comfortable in their new home. While it’s easy to figure out how everything works by trial and error, residents will appreciate being shown how to turn on the appliances, take out the trash, and set the thermostat. This does not mean the owner has to be there personally to demonstrate. A written guide or even a short video or set of instructions will provide extra comfort for tenants during the move-in process.

Streamline expectations by discussing the lease terms. Most tenants today are signing lease agreements electronically, but when a landlord is willing to be available and answer questions, tenants will feel better about what they’re expected to do while living in the property. Explain their responsibilities, rent collection policies, and maintenance procedures. Discuss who is responsible for utilities, pest control, and landscaping.

Move-Out Priority: Receiving Notice

noticeTenants should understand the requirement to provide written notice before moving out. Once that notice comes in, the landlord will need to provide a checklist of things that are required. These things might include returning the keys and any garage remotes, providing a forwarding address for the return of the security deposit, and taking care of any move-out requirements in the lease agreement.

Follow all of the California laws pertaining to security deposits. Landlords have 21 days from the date of move-out to return the tenant’s money or an accounting of the charges made against the security deposit.

We can help you provide streamlined move-in and move-out processes for your San Diego rental property. If you’d like some assistance, please contact us at San Diego Residential Property Management.