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Boosting Your Property's Curb Appeal on a Budget - Article Banner

Boosting curb appeal doesn’t have to be as expensive as it seems. You can do it on a budget, and you’ll find you can do it well. 

It’s worth spending a few dollars, and here’s why: Curb appeal creates a first impression for potential residents. When they walk or drive by your property, they’ll make an immediate judgment about whether they want to see the inside of the home. You’re also setting some standards for how you expect residents to care for your property while they’re living there. This first impression many times sets the “high bar” and leaves the prospective tenant with the thought of, “wow… the owner takes really good care of this property, I guess I should too”!

If you’re not sure where to start and you’re worried about what you’ll have to spend, we can help. Here are some affordable tips and tricks for San Diego property owners who want to boost their investment property’s curb appeal. 

Start with Some Simple Cleaning Up

It doesn’t cost much to ensure that your outdoor space is clean, tidy, and free of debris and trash. 

When there are empty trash cans rolling around the yard or empty plastic bags gathering against your garage door, your curb appeal suffers. Clean up random trash, any loose articles that may be floating around the yard, or clumps of leaves and sticks that tend to gather in corners of the house and along the walkway. 

When things look clean outside, prospective residents assume things to be clean inside. That’s good for your curb appeal and for your rental property marketing. It also helps you earn more in rent and attract high quality tenants.

Once the outside is cleaned up, you’ll want to give the property a good power wash. Once you’ve washed the home, we recommend that you turn the pressure washer onto your patio, driveway, and walkway. 

It’s easy and inexpensive to power wash your property, and the results are both immediate and visible. You’ll be surprised at the amount of sticks, dirt, pollen, and wayward leaves that cling to the outside of your rental home. Your driveway and sidewalks will look refreshed. Pavement tends to get darker as the dirt accumulates. 

Evaluate Your Exterior Paint

Painting the exterior of your rental property will require an investment, but you’ll find that the curb appeal it creates is well worth the money you spend. It will also last you a decade or more, especially if you choose high quality paint. 

Painting the inside of a property is normally on every checklist when you’re preparing a property for new tenants. You want the inside of the home to look bright, fresh, and welcoming. The outside of your property deserves the same care, not only because it helps to preserve the condition of your investment, but also because it gets the attention of prospective residents. 

Check the condition of your exterior paint and consider repainting if it’s looking faded from direct sunlight or if it’s chipping in places. 

Focus on the Front Door

Your front door should look better after a power wash, and if you invest in a bright, eye-catching paint color for your door, you’ve created some great curb appeal. Make the front door a priority. Residents will notice it, and your door will impact how people feel about your property. 

Consider updating the hardware if the door knocker or the handle looks rusted or worn. Consider a fresh wreath or a dried wreath that’s pretty and welcoming. 

Pots of flowers around the front door or along the walkway that leads to the front door can provide a burst of color and interest as well. Put out a welcome mat. These are very minor details, and they’re inexpensive. Tenants will notice them, and you’ll create a sense of harmony while improving your curb appeal.

Improve Landscaping at Your San Diego Rental Property

Landscaping in your San Diego rental property must be attractive and low maintenance. The steps you take to make your outdoor space look more appealing will depend on whether you have grass, an expansive yard, or a small courtyard. 

When you’re renting out a property with a yard, there’s a lot to work with when it comes to curb appeal, and the effort you make does not have to be expensive. 

  • Make sure the grass is cut and healthy. 
  • Trim the bushes and weed any of the flower beds you may have at the property. 
  • Put up an attractive fence if you don’t have one already. This will look great, and it will also attract those tenants who have children and pets. 

A well-maintained yard is a huge selling point when it comes to attracting residents. Be wary of landscaping that’s too complex, however. Prospective residents will be thinking about the time it might take them to maintain that gorgeous green lawn as well as the cost of landscape water. Keep things pretty, but simple. 

You’ll find it’s a good idea to invest in professional landscapers who can make the necessary curb appeal improvements and then take care of regular mowing and lawn care while your property is occupied. You can include the cost in the rental amount, providing a benefit for you and your residents.

Curb Appeal Includes Lighting (and Improves Security)

security cameraCurb appeal is mostly about aesthetics, but you also want to think about safety. 

The right lighting will deliver both security and beauty. The light at the entry should be bright. Program it to turn on automatically when it begins to get dark. Consider motion lights that activate on the side of the house, in the back, or on any outbuildings like garages and sheds. This provides nighttime curb appeal and helps tenants to feel more secure. Residents may be attracted to solar lights along the walkway or even fairy lights strung across a backyard space. Set a scene that’s comforting, attractive, and welcoming.

Curb appeal improvements are largely dependent on your unique property. If you’d like some personalized recommendations based on where your home is located and what kind of residents you’re trying to attract, we can help. We can also talk about the budget and how to keep these upgrades affordable. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at San Diego Residential Property Management. We’d love to be your resource as you decide how to make budget-friendly curb appeal improvements.