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5 Tips for Unpacking & Organizing Your New Home in San Diego - Banner

Moving can be stressful, and even the most organized person can feel the chaos creeping in when it’s time to pack up in one home and then unpack in another. 

We do everything we can to ensure a smooth move-in process, and we like to provide resources to our residents who are moving into a home that we manage in San Diego or one of the surrounding communities. Here are five of our best tips for unpacking and organizing your new home.

1. Prioritize the Unpacking 

You can expect to arrive in a home that’s been thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any repairs or maintenance issues that are necessary. If you find that something isn’t right, we ask you to document the problem and contact us right away. 

As you begin unpacking, don’t get overwhelmed. Choose one thing that will help you feel like you’re settling in. For many people, this means having the kitchen in order. You can unpack all of your plates, cookware, and any groceries you may have brought along. Or, perhaps having the beds in place and made up will help you feel like it’s home. Decide where you’re most in need of emotional comforts, and set up that part of the house first.

2. Put Away Your Clothes

You can take your time unpacking things like books and picture frames. However, you’re going to need clothes right away, so make sure you hang up and put away your most essential garments. Organize your shoes and your jackets as well as your work clothing and your comfort clothing. Knowing that you can quickly and easily get dressed will help you feel more at peace in your new place. 

3. Open Every Box

You may not unpack every single box and every single suitcase in the first few hours of arriving at your new home. And, you have probably labeled each box with a summary of its contents. However, opening every box and bag can help you organize in your mind where things are going to go. Even the low priorities should be looked at and mentally categorized. Some things may be stored instead of unpacked. Holiday décor that isn’t right for the current season, however, can be put in a closet or storage space. 

4. Create a List of What You Need

As you unpack and get organized, you may notice that you need some things that you don’t already have. Maybe you tossed all your old dish towels and need some new linens for the kitchen. Maybe you’ll want nails and small screws to hang paintings and pictures. You’ll find you need essentials like paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and soap. Keep a running list with you so you’ll know what to grab when you get out to run some errands or take a break from unpacking. 

5. Stay Flexible As You Settle In

new tenantIt is perfectly acceptable to change things around and re-organize as you go. Don’t feel like you have to live with something if you don’t like it. You can always re-arrange furniture and move things from one spot to another. Be flexible and willing to change as necessary. It might take a few days of living in your new space before you realize that the sofa belongs on the opposite wall in the living room. 

These are just a few of the tips we can offer you as you move into your new home. We look forward to working with you, and remember to contact us at San Diego Residential Property Management if you have any questions during the move-in process.