Project Management

At times, property conditions necessitate expanded services that exceed the typical scope of property management. Partial or full remodels and rehabilitations of a residence can be due to many different reasons such as property damage as a result of flood or fire, required extensive property maintenance as the property ages or updating the property to optimize rental or sales values. Project Management services covering work such as a landscaping overhaul, a kitchen or bath remodel, installation of new vinyl windows or a new roof, or for repair due to flood, consider hiring the team at San Diego Residential Property Management. Under a separate Project Management Agreement, services include: (1) planning the total project, (2) initial budgeting and ongoing budget compliance, (3) obtaining contractor quotes for work to be completed, (4) coordination of contractor schedules to get work finished on time, (5) product sourcing including color and design selections, and (6) execution of the overall project to completion. Ultimately the work is intended to improve or repair the property, maximize rent potential and enhance the overall value of the residence. Call San Diego Residential Property Management at 858.485.6565 to receive a complimentary consultation and quote of our project management services.

SDRPM offers a full range of Project Management Services:

  • Acting as the owner’s representative & liaison with vendors and contractors
  • Project budget preparation and financial management throughout the job
  • Project planning and execution
  • Obtaining cost estimates for all needed materials and necessary labor
  • Recurrent site inspections throughout the entire duration of the project to make sure the work is being completed per owner requests
  • Oversight of contractors and vendors throughout the entire duration of the project
  • Product sourcing and material selection including color, material and design choice
  • Analysis and recommendations for necessary repairs and replacements of equipment or materials
  • Fully integrated and disclosed bookkeeping process that keeps the owner aware of the funds that are used for the project with a final accounting provided at the conclusion
  • Risk Management
  • One-time tenant placement services