Maintenance Requests

San Diego Residential Property Management is responsible to attend to all property related maintenance that is due to normal wear & tear and/or property age. We are not responsible for maintenance or repairs of tenant caused damage, however we are happy to refer qualified vendors to do the work at the tenant’s expense.

To place a maintenance request, log-in to your Tenant Portal and select the tab for Maintenance Request. Please give a complete description of the problem so that the appropriate vendor can be scheduled. A work order will be generated and sent to the vendor, who will contact the tenant to set a convenient appointment. Regular property maintenance requests are scheduled during normal business hours.

Tenants are responsible for general minor maintenance and regular cleaning of the rental property during their tenancy. Maintenance requests can also be submitted by email to or by calling the management office at 858-485-6565.

Tenant responsibilities for maintenance:

  • Testing smoke detectors and changing batteries in carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Carpet cleaning at a minimum of once annually.
  • Air filters changed or cleaned every 6 months.
  • Yard care (if landscape gardener service is not provided for in the lease); watering (by hand if sprinklers are not available or non-operational); minor trimming, pruning & weeding beds.
  • Changing all inoperable light bulbs and fluorescent tubes in easily accessible light fixtures. Light bulbs that cannot be reached safely (such as in vaulted ceilings), should be reported to SDRPM and a maintenance person will change them. Tenant is responsible to provide the bulbs.
  • Changing water filters/water purification systems (including refrigerator filter) unless owner has a contracted service. Tenant responsible for the cost of the filters.
  • Minor repairs such as replacing faucet washers, toilet flappers, screen rollers, reinstalling door bumpers, tightening towel bars, etc.
  • Dryer vent cleaned.
  • Pest control as needed with the exception of major infestations (for more details please call the management office). Termites and bee swarms will be handled by SDRPM at the property owners expense.
  • Inside & outside window cleaning as needed during and at termination of tenancy.
  • Drain stoppage & toilet plunging (clogging) when caused by tenant are tenant responsibility. Do not put potato peelings, onion skins, or artichoke trimmings through the garbage disposal. Any other food placed in the disposal should have water run through the drain for at least 10 seconds after grinding as this carries the food out to the main sewer. Examples of other items that cannot go into the sewer system include: baby wipes, tampons and all other feminine care products, diapers, paper towels, dental floss, clumping kitty litter, etc. These items will clog the drains and tenants will be charged for the repairs.
  • Regular cleaning of fireplace as needed.

This is not an exhaustive list, however is designed to assist tenants with tenancy requirements. For further clarification on a specific issue, please contact the management office at 858-485-6565.