Energy Solutions from SDG&E


With the cost of electricity and gas on the rise, it is a good idea to know what our energy provider (SDG&E) is doing to provide us as consumers with a way to effectively address the situation. Following are some energy related items that should help you in your planning and in reducing both your energy costs as well as energy consumption:

  • SDGElogoFrom 2001 to 2014, SDG&E offered its energy to consumer with a “4-tier” payment system, where the cost of energy increased from tier to tier. As your energy consumption increased, the cost per kilowatt hour increased as well.  In 2015 that 4-tier system was changed to a 3-tier system in hopes that the consumer’s costs for energy would be less dramatic as you move from tier to tier.  In 2016 and 2017, the utility provider will be reducing the number of tiers from 3 to 2, and in 2017, will be introducing a new “super-user” tier, primarily for those residential consumers that
    routinely use a lot more energy than the average household.
  • SDG&E is introducing “Whenergy” Pricing Plans, which basically means that your cost of energy (gas and electricity) will be determined by specifically when you use the energy. For example, during the winter peak hours (between Nov 1 – April 30), the “off-peak” hours between midnight and 6:00 am, the cost of energy is at the lowest point.  That same energy use during the highest demand time (5:00 pm and 8:00 pm) is also the
    highest price for the same energy used.  With their “Whenergy” pricing plans, SDG&E is trying to encourage us as consumers to be more flexible in the time in which we use energy and are rewarding those of us that use electricity and gas in the “off-peak” hours with a significantly lower cost for the same energy.  Go to to get additional information.1
  • The largest energy “hogs” in most homes are the kitchen appliances and air conditioner, which comprise about 51% of all the energy used in an average day. Laundry appliances, home electronics and lighting comprise 25% of all of our energy used. Being mindful that these “Hogs” represent more than 75% of all of our energy usage will help us to be cautious as we use them during the most expensive times of the day!
  • SDG&E offers all consumers the opportunity to conduct their own “Home Energy Survey” that can point out specific areas that you and your family may be able to assist in reducing the overall use of energy with the result being reducing your costs! SDG&E customers can keep track of their energy use and costs, set spending goals and energy use levels, sign up for text alerts and email alerts, get weekly energy use and savings tips, and a whole lot more. Go to and sign up for “my energy survey” and to get additional cost savings ideas!
  • SDG&E offers other cost savings techniques to consumer clients such as Free water saving kits (low flow shower head, sink aerators, LED night light), appliance rebates, and A/C and heater tune ups for a low $50 out-of-pocket cost. In addition, they offer “level pay plans” to assist in budgeting your utility bill throughout the year. Lastly, SDG&E offers “Mover Services”, where with one call or click, you can set up all of your necessary utilities (TV, Internet, Phone) all at no cost. Check this out and all the other cost saving ideas at!