6 Ways To Get Organized For The New Year!

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Many folks use the New Year as a “jump start” for a lot of activities that they have been putting off throughout the prior year. If you’re like most of us, we always have the best intentions, then “life happens” and we never get to those things that we have wanted to get done. Well, let’s encourage each other in the” little things” and resolve to get these 6 items done to help set us up for success this year!
  1. Organize your contacts: An easy-to-navigate address book makes for easier networking and a more organized life. For contacts in your phone, fill in ALL the contact info, include a photo if possible, website address, birth date or anniversary date as well as what the person does. Any of these pieces of info could be beneficial later on.
  2. De-Clutter: Set aside an hour or so each week to de-clutter and catch up. During the de-clutter time, return items to where they belong in the home or office, review emails and answer ones that need responded to and de-clutter your inbox while you’re at it!
  3. Get your finances and your budgeting in order! Improved finances (along with weight loss) are one of the most common new year’s resolutions. There are several apps that can help you to achieve your goal: Supermom – Finance Monitor tracks personal i8860c59b788d51169799f6fac4675377ncome and expenses. The Bills Reminder app helps say “goodbye” to late fees by notifying you when bills are due. The Financial Calculator Deluxe app is a powerful calculator that assists you in figuring loan payoffs, growing annuities, and can provide examples of cash flow analyses.
  4. One Calendar: streamline your life and activities, to-do’s and event reminders down to one calendar that can be accessed from multiple devices.
  5. Make Apps work for you: there are tons of games and social media apps available, but there are also lots of organizational related apps as well. The Wunderlist app stores “to-do” lists and tasks. You can also share them with others if you want to collaborate on a list. The Grocery Shopping List Listonic makes sure that you get everything you need for the next week’s recipes. When you create a list, the app automatically orders your products by aisle so you don’t waste time wandering around! There are also apps that help students get organized, such as myHomework Student Planner and the Papyrus app, which allows you to take notes by hand on your electronic device.
  6. Delegate Efficiently: Even if you prefer the “I can do it myself” route, delegating tasks to others can make all the difference between getting stuff done or letting yourself and others down. Make a resolution to yourself – a personal goal that you’ll enact some additional delegation for the new year!